See someone you want to talk to but too shy to say hi?

Go from shy to spontaneous networking in 4 weeks or less

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    Interesting...funny...If you struggle to make eye contact with the Amazon delivery person this book is for you.

    Ben Alper

    Comedy Writer (Jay Leno, David Letterman...)

    Author of Thank You for Not Talking

    I look forward to seeing how Always Say Hi can empower people to live a life full of beautiful connections. No one should ever feel alone. We all have each other, if we just have the courage to say hi.

    Justin Schenck

    Host of the Growth Now Movement

    Powerful story with useful ways to create connection instantly. I never considered myself an introvert, however I could relate to John’s fear of rejection. I believe we all go through insecurity and fear in our own way. I love John’s perspectives and insights. He shared in a way that allowed me to see the world through his eyes and learn from his experiences. It’s a beautiful journey I would recommend to anyone seeking growth.

    Willow Green

    Author of I'm Sober, Now What?

    Rejection is an inevitability of life and plays a particularly bigger role once you start stepping out and making your dreams into reality. It's not a matter of IF rejection will come, it's a matter of WHEN. What John so succinctly discusses in Always Say Hi will not only empower you to break down those walls, but it will start you on the journey to achieving greater and greater success in your life. Give it a read. You're going to enjoy this!

    Ryane Huff

    Host of the Qualified Podcast & Apparel

    John's book is a breakthrough resource for introverts wanting to conquer shyness and rejection.

    Kary Oberbrunner

    Author of Day Job to Dream Job

    As an introvert, Always Say Hi helped me better understand the power of taking risks, managing the fear that often comes from putting myself out there and the simple power of asking!

    Margo Tirado

    Psychotherapist & TEDX Speaker